We believe authentic revival is born out of Uniting Citywide as one in Jesus, marrying the Great Commandment to love God & love people to the Great Commission to preach the Gospel and make disciples 24/7


Adoration | Proclamation | Unity

Love San Francisco is part of an emerging national movement to re-evangelize America in the power of the Holy Spirit. We are a network of missionaries from different cities (including San Francisco) who God has ignited to mobilize the church to that place of first-love intimacy with Jesus (24/7 Prayer & Worship) and awaken our hearts for the mission to labor in the harvest (24/7 Evangelism). God is worthy of 24/7 adoration and 24/7 proclamation!

We provide daily, weekly, monthly, and annual on-ramps for the local body of Christ to be activated into a lifestyle of prayer and evangelism. Get Involved.

Our annual week-long, citywide outreaches are a marriage of the Great Commandments (love God and love people), and the Great Commission (preach the gospel and make disciples). In addition, we believe we are on the precipice of a glorious restoration for a truly biblical Acts-2 church expression (Acts 2:1-2). In order to reach our city with the gospel, we are going to need a citywide effort, as well as help from other cities.

While darkness and persecution are increasing, we believe God is also pouring out His Spirit upon those who are willing to go. We believe God wants to prepare His church for her most glorious hour. This will require sacrifice, humility and unity at unprecedented levels but we sense a great hunger for more than church-as-usual coming from the hearts of God's people.

Love San Francisco currently provides monthly and annual opportunities to come together as a city-wide church for extended worship, prayer and evangelistic outreaches. Our ultimate hope as we grow is to create a lasting resting place through a city-wide, united church altar of worship and prayer where we will send evangelistic teams from the place of God's presence into every part of our community 24/7. Welcome to the Firebase!