Is this group affirming of LGBTQ Christians?

We affirm all people as those who are made in God's image and for His glory... the Bible says to honor all people... however we do not and we can not affirm a practice that the Bible expressly forbids.

Adam Hood (LSF Director) personally has been delivered from the gay lifestyle in SF and now is happily married to a woman, and they have 3 wonderful children. God is good and wants to bless and redeem all people for all eternity and we hold out this hope for all LGBTQ people. He’s here to testify from experience! 🙂


“...whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Cor. 10:31

We believe that God has the master plan for revival in San Francisco. Let’s agree with the Mind of Christ as He is the Head of the Body.

“For who has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ.” 1 Cor. 2:16

He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of robbers.” Mt. 21:13

The Love SF Firebase is an environment where people from all Bible-believing congregations can gather, in unity, to pray and worship in the freedom that Jesus purchased for us at the cross. We have an open-mic format, so please honor the Body of Christ by keeping your time short on the microphone (2 minutes or less), or if no microphones are necessary, please be considerate of the length of your prayers so that others can participate as well.

We have believers from different cultures, ministry backgrounds, styles of worship, and behavioral expectations in one room. We want to serve those in the Body of Christ with love. As such, we desire to govern our worship and prayer times by exercising our Christian freedom with restraint. We do so by limiting personal freedoms, so everyone can easily connect with the Lord in prayer. We ask that you honor these guidelines as we seek the Lord in prayer and worship together.

This gathering is about:

• Seeking His Face /Advancing His Kingdom (2 Ch. 7:14, Matt. 6:33, Matt. 6:10) · Praise, Thanksgiving, & Celebration (Ps. 149:6-7, 1 Th. 5:16-21)

• Unity that brings breakthrough (Ps. 133, Jn. 17:21)

This gathering is not about:

• Self-promotion

• Religious or political agendas/affiliations · Focusing on the enemy

We believe that every member of the Body has a prayer, praise or a word. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and they follow me.” It is time for us to act as the Royal Priesthood that God intends us to be, releasing His Kingdom with authority.

“But all things should be done decently and in order.” 1 Co. 14:40.


• To maintain an atmosphere of prayer and worship, we ask that all conversations be kept to 10-15 seconds. Longer conversations should be taken outside the prayer room.

• Personal volume should not exceed the worship or prayer leader volume. When singing or praying, adjust your volume so that it does not become a distraction to people around you.

• No food is allowed. No drinks are allowed except water; please use a container with a lid.

• Praying in tongues. (1 Co. 14:26-32) Praying in tongues quietly to yourself is permitted.

• Prophecy. Prophecy is a gift of the Spirit of God (1 Co. 14:1). The Word tells us to test everything (1 Co. 14.29 & 1 Th. 5.19-21). If you have a prophetic word and you believe it is for corporate release, then expect this word to be tested for its alignment with the written Word of God. Your prophetic word should be for the corporate body or to advance the kingdom of God. This is not a time for personal prophecy.


• Raising hands is allowed.

• Clapping is allowed.

• For safety reasons, do not use any implements or props (for example flags, banners, sticks, swords, etc.).

• Please do not play any musical instruments outside of the musicians in the prayer room (for example tambourines, shofars, drums,etc.). However, if the worship leader invites the room to join in with extra instruments, then it will be permitted.

• When praying for the sick or doing any type of ministry that is initiated from the prayer or worship leader, we encourage you to stand in front of the person you are praying for (if able). Please lay your hands only on their shoulders, arms or head and keep your hands still (no rubbing please). There may be limited exceptions to this (for example: laying your hand on someone’s ankle to pray for healing), but permission to do so must be received from the person you are praying for.


• Shoes may be removed, but socks should be worn.

• No running, please.

• Please refrain from dancing that would take you out of your personal worship space.



In order to be part of Love San Francisco outreaches we ask that all team members participate in all aspects of the outreach unless you have a special release from the outreach leader. This includes outreach briefings, worship, as well as debriefings.


Make every effort to be at the outreach at the appropriate start time and also to make sure you are back to the mission base at the report back time the outreach leader has designated for the outreach debriefing.


Stay within the outreach area designated by the outreach leader during the briefing. We have specific spiritual authority where the Lord has sent us. If you sense the Lord leading you to go to an area outside of the area designated for the outreach please make sure you get a confirmation from a staff evangelist or the outreach leader before leaving the outreach area.


Unless otherwise directed by the Lord we will go out in teams of two. This maximizes the number of interactions we can have and increases the ability to connect with everyone on God’s heart during an outreach. Large groups are typically less effective and overwhelming to pre-believers. We want to partner more seasoned messengers with less experienced ones.


More seasoned messengers should demonstrate and allow their partner to observe, then allow their outreach partner to try. Debrief after each encounter to encourage growth in evangelism. Then allow them to eventually lead when they are confident enough. In this way we are continually equipping and raising up messengers to lead teams.


Whoever begins a conversation with a pre-believer during an outreach is the encounter leader. If you believe the Lord has given you something to say then put your hand on the shoulder of the encounter leader so that they know you have something to share and then they can invite you into the conversation in an orderly way. Don’t just burst out with what you have to say as this can be highly disruptive to the flow of what the Holy Spirit is doing.


If someone else is leading an encounter then engage in prayer for the pre- believer that they are interacting with. In that way you are spiritually partnering with God and the messenger that is the encounter leader. If you see other teams of messengers engaging pre-believers near you then provide prayer support for them as the Holy Spirit leads you.


Often times when fruitful ministry is going on the enemy will send anyone nearby who is available to disrupt or distract from the primary ministry. If you are not the encounter leader then take the opportunity to engage the distraction and bring them away from where the primary ministry is taking place. Often times “effective ministry” at that point is just removing the demonic distraction or assignment from the area or engaging them so that they don’t disrupt the primary ministry.


On the outreach you represent Jesus Christ. We expect that you will act appropriately (based on the Word of God) as a representative of the Lord and this work. We are presenting the gospel in a spirit of love and humility. Be winsome and try to find common ground to begin spiritual conversations about Jesus. We are not arguing with people. If people want to enter into contentious conversations then graciously break fellowship and bless them. We are also sharing the truth of the gospel. Do not be afraid to speak truth in love. Don’t shrink back from telling people that God requires everyone, everywhere to turn their hearts to Him and believe the gospel.


Generally speaking we will put women with women and men with men as we build outreach teams. The exception is when we have a husband and wife team. We also generally encourage women to minister to women and men to minister to men. There are times where Holy Spirit will release grace for mixed gender teams and for cross gender ministry.


Please only use evangelism materials that have been provided by Love San Francisco. If you wish to use your own evangelism materials while witnessing please get them approved first by the outreach leader. Generally this approval will take at least a week to give them time to review the materials before approving them. Please turn in all extra evangelism materials after the outreach. If you would like additional evangelism materials for personal use then you may purchase them by contacting the info desk.


We ask that all outreach team members obey any instructions from the outreach leader, a staff evangelist or team leader that is consistent with Scripture during outreaches. We are spiritually responsible for you while you are participating in a Love San Francisco outreach and appreciate your honoring those that have been placed in authority over these outreaches.


Our primary assignment during outreaches is to engage pre-believers with the gospel message. This is difficult to do if you are receiving and responding to phone calls and text messages. Please turn your phones off or put them on vibrate so that they will not interrupt witnessing and our focus on mission during this time.


If you believe that another member of the outreach team has acted inappropriately before, during or after an outreach please report your concern to your team leader or evangelist. If you believe that a team leader or evangelist has acted inappropriately before, during or after an outreach please report your concern to the outreach leader. If you feel an outreach leader has acted inappropriately then please bring your concern first to the outreach leader. If you are unable to resolve your concern after discussing it with the outreach leader, then you may call Rodrigo Burgos at 818.378.9343 and leave a detailed message. If, after contacting Rodrigo and speaking with him, you still are unresolved in your issue, please contact Adam Hood at adam@lovesf247.com.


We ask that no one wear political clothing during Love San Francisco. We want to have real conversations with people and build authentic relationship (not have antagonistic, one-way conversations with our clothing). We don’t want these outreaches to be associated with any specific political cause in order to remove any potential stumbling blocks to the gospel.


Please bring a messenger bag to carry evangelism materials, writing supplies, encounter reports, Bibles and other materials you may need while witnessing.


We have people participating in Love San Francisco from many different streams of the Christian faith. In order to provide for freedom but to honor one another we ask that you abide by the prayer room guidelines for worship expression at the firebase.


You are free to post pictures you take at the firebase and as part of outreaches to social media and we encourage to you hashtag your posts #LoveSF247. As a result of the sensitive nature of outreach to rainbow people, however we are asking that you do not post any photos of outreach to them or plans related to these outreaches.