Get Involved


Opportunities to on-ramp

There are several different regular opportunities for believers to join us in prayer, outreach, and training.




In-service Presentations

Our team is available to come speak at your congregation. We are prepared to present 15, 30 or full 45 minute messages (complete with power-point and video) that share the vision of Love San Francisco and help equip your members for living a lifestyle of prayer and evangelism. After service, we usually have a sign-up table to mobilize your congregation’s members into upcoming citywide prayer and evangelism opportunities we host.



30 DAYS,

Each congregation will choose one day a month to consistently pray going forward. On that specific day, you will be responsible for scheduling prayer shifts in your congregation. Typically, each shift is scheduled in two-hour increments with at least two people leading prayer during those two hours. For example, this could include 12 separate two-hour watches with 24 people (some people may opt to take on more than one shift). This structure can also be broken down into 1-hour shifts taken by a single person consecutively.


Participation in any way

  • 6-hours a month - we would need 120 congregations to cover a month

  • 12-hours a month - we would need 60 congregations to cover a month

  • 18-hours a month - we would need 45 congregations to cover a month

  • 24-hours a month - we would need 30 congregations to cover a month




Take ownership of your own outreach! We love seeing the creative way God has inspired you to reach your neighborhoods and spheres of influence and would love to partner with you in these outreaches. If you have an idea that you would like to take ownership of and incorporate in our monthly or annual events, we’re here to proactively serve you in making it a success as an ongoing church expression. And for those that need help to create or for us to provide oversight for the vision and implementation, we are happy to accommodate you in that way too.