The History of
Love San Francisco

San Francisco is a city of great influence, and we believe that God's intention is to redeem this quality to influence the world for His Kingdom purposes. Many leaders and prayer warriors who have been in San Francisco for any amount of time over the years have sensed that San Francisco has a destiny as a city of glory. Most believers who love God and love their city believe that a nationwide revival will start in their city. The consensus of those who have faithfully watched and prayed on the "walls" of San Francisco has been that the promise of God for an end-times revival would start from the Golden Gate of San Francisco and would continue to the Golden Gate of Jerusalem (see Isaiah 62). We stand in agreement with the God-authored prayers and efforts of those who have gone before us, and continue this work by His grace.


(Directors, Love San Francisco)

Adam was radically saved out of the gay lifestyle on May 5th, 1994 in the Castro district of San Francisco. Years later, after much testing and intentional discipleship, God used him again on May 5th, 2005 (05.05.05) to unite 40 churches in the San Francisco Bay Area to pray and worship night and day for 10 continuous days. It was at that event that he met his future wife and main prayer partner, Sarah Jeanne. Shortly after, they became instrumental in helping to implement ongoing outreach into the city from a place of continuous prayer.

Ever since that catalytic event, they knew that this is what they were born to do. They have been pressing in for authentic revival in San Francisco, and continue to host many citywide extended prayer gatherings and outreaches across denominational lines. They continue to serve in establishing lasting unity in San Francisco, the greater Bay Area and beyond.

Love San Francisco is the culmination of years of sowing into the City by the Spirit, with much prayer and outreach and is part of a nationwide movement to re-evangelize the cities of America (www.firebasemovement.com). As the city leaders of San Francisco, besides providing continual prayer and outreach opportunities locally, they also serve on a national council and help to equip and send teams to strategic cities in America for these week-long prayer/outreach events. Love San Francisco has also been catalytic in equipping and sending the church in SF into the work of fruitful evangelism, which has culminated to the point of training up more than 100 believers over the past 2 years to share the gospel with thousands of unbelievers.

Our dream is to establish a church-wide, united and regional night-and-day worship and prayer center in San Francisco from which outreach can flow, from the presence of the Lord, 'round the clock to every neighborhood and demographic in the city. These city-wide outreaches are unto a lifestyle of intimacy and mission; that the Church would be a true, holistic witness of Jesus Christ in San Francisco!

We have been able to reach tens of thousands with a clear and loving presentation of the gospel since our inaugural event in 2016 and it's only going from glory to glory from here on out! We look forward to seeing how God would use you to partner with us to see His Kingdom's purposes birth here in SF.